In Saint Valery sur Somme

Saint Valery sur Somme, member of the Club of the most beautiful detours of France, dominates the Bay of Somme … Let yourself be seduced by its medieval charm, ramparts and cobbled streets …

Its strategic position on a limestone promontory facing the Bay of Somme, earned Saint Valery on the Somme a rich and eventful history. Be curious, do not just stroll along the banks of the Somme, several neighborhoods give this city an undeniable charm.

The upper town is a fine example of a medieval city, behind the harbor, the Courtgain is the traditional quarter of sailors who occupied small colorful houses, tight against each other, the neighborhood of the abbey is more rural with farms in activity. The pleasure boats are moored along the channel and the docks, occupied by market stalls on Sunday mornings, are open to walkers.

Syndicat initiative of St Valery / Somme:

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The Ramparts Herbarium

Reconstitution of the gardens of the nuns of the hospital around ornamental, historical, condiments or medicinal plants.

Walks in the Bay of Somme

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Boat trip on board:

Walks in the Bay of Somme

Hiking with guide in sea kayak or Polynesian canoe initiation, improvement, rental:

Adventure Park: Solomon Wood:

The park is open from March to November.

Some animations and demonstrations

Market day
Sunday morning, Drivers’ Square
Wednesday morning, place of the game of beater

The Nocturnes Valéricaines: regional produce market, dock of Admiral Courbet in July / August, every Friday evening from 17H to 21H.

Painters Day in the street: in June

Transbaie: Running through the Bay. In June

Feast William the Conqueror: early July

Feast of the Sea: early August

The chapel St Valery called "sailors"

The monk Gualaric (then written Walaric, Walric and Valery) stayed as a hermit in Saint-Valery from 611 to his death in 622. A chapel was built in his memory, it is called “Chapelle des marins”. You will notice the checkered structure of its walls and the presence, near the chapel, of the source of fidelity.

Catamaran rides

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Must near St Valery-sur-Somme

The castle of Rambures

Fortress and feudal jewel of the fifteenth century, historical monument furnished and listed since 1840, military architecture of the late Middle Ages.

The Ornithological Park of Marquenterre

Between the Bay of Somme and the south of Quend is the largest dune massif (3000 hectares) in one piece from the north of France: the dune massif of Marquenterre.

This massif is not accessible to the public, the public is very interested in the marked path of 3.6 km which from Saint-Quentin-en-Tourmont, leads to the sea: the access path to the sea.

Valloires abbey and gardens

Pioneers of aviation in Picardy, personal objects illustrate the work of the Caudron Brothers in parallel to the evolution of aeronautics from 1909 to 1939.

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The Golf Belle Dune

Fortress and feudal jewel of the fifteenth century, historical monument furnished and listed since 1840, military architecture of the late Middle Ages.

Around St Valery/somme

Great Natural Park of Prehistory

Open from March 24th to November 3rd.

55Km from St Valery (A16 between Abbeville and Amiens)
Phone: 03 22 51 82 83

The Underground City of Naours

( A16 – 64km – 59min)

Great Natural Park of Prehistory

( A16 – 64km – 59min)

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