The House of the Apothecary,

Formerly it was the house of Mr. Apothecary, all came to seek remedies and decoctions, hoping to find well-being and comfort!
Unfortunately Mary Poppins who wanted to “help medicine to flow” misplaced all the grimoires that had been entrusted to us by the Apothecary. Marty had to get them back but at last news he got stuck with Beef somewhere in the space continium time … Doc is on the case …
Therefore we had to change all the recipes! But luckily Alice back from the wonderful world could help us!
One of the most beautiful bays in the world, a historic and picturesque city, a beautiful mansion completely renovated, a natural environment
Authentic, friendliness, quality products, decoration Supercalfragilisticexpediadocious, are the first ingredients of our formula, for others Follow the white rabbit …

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